An editor’s goal is to make the writing clear and consistent, while honouring the author’s voice and purpose. I offer four types of editing, for publishers, independent authors, and organizations.

1. Substantive editing looks at the big picture. I’ll work on organization and content, suggest improvements to flow, add or trim text, and identify inconsistencies. 

2. Stylistic editing refines the language. I’ll smooth the tone, mood, and style, improve transitions, and eliminate wordiness and jargon.

3. Copy editing focuses on the mechanics of language. I’ll refine grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage and check for consistency (e.g., dates and names). After copy editing, the manuscript is ready to be designed.

4. Proofreading involves correcting errors on the designed pages. I’ll comb the text for typos and check the layout (e.g., fonts and headings). 


Consultation and Coaching

My consultation and coaching services are designed for independent authors. I’ll answer your questions about writing, editing, and publishing, and help you build your skills and meet your goals. Customized consultation and coaching may include: 

    • an introductory conversation to discuss your goals
    • planning sessions to develop your ideas and identify your audience
    • development sessions to create an outline or plot a narrative
    • scheduling and accountability to set deadlines for drafts and revisions
    • manuscript evaluation for early drafts


For more information …

For resources on what to look for in an editor and what to expect at each stage of the process, see Definitions of Editorial Skills and Professional Editorial Standards, published by Editors Canada. The Editorial Freelancers Association has a chart of average industry rates writers can expect to pay. 

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